General Qs
When do tickets go on sale?
How does the ticketing work?
What are the gate hours?

What if I don't want to camp at the farm?

Can you suggest local hotels?
What's the food situation?

When do online ticket sales end?

Will you have discounted tickets?
Are there Single Day Tickets available?
Are there any payment plan options?
How accessible is Daisy Belle Farm and Retreat?

Can I cancel my ticket/get a refund?

Can I give my ticket to another person?

What is the crowd like?

Are men welcome?

What does is mean to be inclusive of trans women?

Getting There

What's the location?
How far is this from the Bay Area?
Is there a shuttle service for FABULOSA?
At the Festival
Will there be tickets at the gate?
Will there be will call tickets?
What if I lose my wristband?
Can I arrive outside of gate hours?
Is Tuesday September 13th at 11a the earliest I can come in?
Can I leave FAB with my car after I've entered?
How will the parking work?
Is there a lost and found?
Will my cell work?
Is there an emergency number I can give my family if they need to find me?
Is there any power available so I can charge my phone...?
Is there WiFi at the farm?
Will there be an ATM?
How is the swimming?
Can I bring floaties?
What if I get sick?
What if I need some small item like batteries, tampons, earplugs...?
Can I bring my own alcohol?
Will you have beverages for sale?
Will there be food on site?
Can I bring my dog?
Is there a designated smoking area?
Lodging Qs
What is the weather like?
What are the sleeping arrangements like?
What is Car Camping?
How big are the campsites?
What are the camping area like?
Whats's the sound like?
Can we reserve campsites?
Can I arrive early and hold a campsite for a friend?

Can I sleep with my vehicle?
Can I unload my car and then go park if camping?

Are there campsites just for RV's?

Are there any other lodging options besides setting up my own camp?
Will there be water for me to drink on site?
Will there be ice on site?
Can I cook my own food/use a propane stove?
Can I build my own fire?
Can I use a generator?
Can I bring my own sound system?
Is there power available in the campsites?
Are there bathrooms?
Are there showers and a sink to wash up?